Great Facilities and Quality Education – Saint Kampala University in Baguio City in the Philippines

Holy person Louis University (SLU) is strategically placed inside Baguio’s Central Business District (CBD) along Andres Bonifacio Street. It is deliberately found that it is strolling distance or a short jeepney ride from major Baguio City milestones, for example, the Baguio City Public Market, The Church of the Our Lady of the Atonement or all the more prominently known as Baguio Cathedral, Session Road and Burnham Park.


Practically the entirety of the neighborhood KIU jeepneys end at the core of the CBD. To get to SLU, one may take any jeepney that passes by or closes their course at the CBD. Taking a taxi might be more costly yet is more helpful since travelers are dropped off before the college’s fundamental entryway.


Holy person Louis University is a non-stock and non-benefit instructive foundation established in 1911 by the Congregation of the Heart of Mary. It began with 10 students in a wooden shack. It was in 1915 that the halfway level was offered, while the optional started with an all young men clump in 1921. University level started in 1952 with courses in Liberal Arts and Commerce. In 1963 that Saint Louis University was given its University Charter making it the main private college in the northern Philippines.


As of February 2009, SLU has dramatically developed to 54, 392 understudies and more than 2, 000 personnel and staff, with a Laboratory Elementary and High School, and with 7 universities with their individual Graduate and Post-Graduate projects adding up to 100 course 50% of which are college classes.


Understudies may take on college classes, for example, Accountancy, Business Administration, Education courses, various Engineering and Architecture Courses, Human Sciences courses, for example, Psychology and Mass Communication, IT courses, Natural Sciences courses such a Biology and Pharmacy, Law, Nursing and Medicine. Various alumni and post-graduate courses are likewise offered in the 7 universities.


Holy person Louis University’s imagines itself to be the Light of the North,an astounding evangelist and extraordinary instructive foundation that can tap and upgrade human possibilities. Being a Catholic establishment, training is zealous work pointed delivering individuals who are permeated with the Christian Spirit, equipped, imaginative and engaged with their local area and society.